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Five UV flashlight recommendation from TANK007---expert of uv flashlight

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365nm UV flashlight has strict requirements for LED and the production cost is expensive,it is used in professional applications areas. 395nm is enough to meet general demand for household, such as fluorescent agent detection, Invoice identification. But money like dollar, Australian dollar, euro should use the violet 365nm.

Now I introduce 5 models flashlight of TANK007:UV02, TK566, AA02, L03,UV31. Each model has 395 nm and 365 nm two violet band for your selection.


Main application areas are fluorescent agent testing.

It’s use to check anything whether it contains a fluorescent agent,such as detection of clothing, mask, hand washing liquid, washing liquid, cosmetics, book and nail polish.



Daily use, small pieces of jewelry、collections of calligraphy and paintings dectection.



Dectection for big pieces of jewelry and cellections.



Dectetion of big pieces of jewelry, special occasions and industrial places.it is essential for an expert.



The greater the power of violet flashlight has more advantages. Big Power represents better performance, stronger penetration, clearer effect and greater range of irradiation.

In addition, bigger power means a larger capacity battery.

Below is tank007’s powerfull uv flashlight UV31,with 5 volt.